What to watch on Netflix this year

There is a lot of tv shows and movies on Netflix and you have scrolled back and forth and you do not know what to watch. If you are new to Netflix well you have a lot of options. The first thing you need to binge watch is the Breaking Bad. This shows it is the most popular tv show in Netflix. Season one was really good and it is going to hook you all the way to the final season. By the time it ends it is going to make you miss it and say that you wanted more show. The second choice that you should go with it is Dexter. This show it is going to make you love tv even more and it is going to make want to go home as soon as you are at work. You will probably be going to binge watch the entire season 1 in one day on your day off of work. The characters will really make you question to what he does. The third show that you immediately should watch is Narcos. It just came out about 2 or three years ago and it is about the Columbian cartel. They currently have 2 seasons and they are waiting for the third season on September. Know if you want to go with old school tv shows you can never go wrong the prison break. Back in those days, Mondays were the best days on Fox when they had Prison Break at 8 and 24 at 9. It would be the best shows on Monday and it got you ready for the rest of the weekend. In case you missed this show it is going to blow your mind. This show was about his little brother trying to get his big brother out of prison. Every character played their roles really good and you never knew what it was going to happen next. The show was so popular in their final season they decided to extend to one season in 2017. There is no word of whether they are going to make another season or not.
If you are a fan of superheroes you cannot go wrong with Arrow or the Flash. I would start with the Arrow in the beginning because that is how the show first started. After arrow released few episodes they decided to make the Flash. Both of the shows are really good and best season were the first ones. With great characters and a great relationship with the cast, you can see why they were very successful. You cannot go wrong with any of this shows. The one negative about this shows that after really good seasons, in the beginning, the writers slacked off a little bit but they picked it up again.
In case you missed watching House of Cards this is the best show that talks about politicians and doing whatever it takes to get to the next step for Francis. One of the best things about this character is that he talks to the cameras to someone but we do not know who he talks to that camera too. It is really intriguing every season and you do not expect what is going to happen next.
If you love a spy tv show you are going to love Burn Notice. After you watch the show for a couple of episodes you are going to remember the intro and it is going to stick in your head. The show is about a burned spy and he is trying to see who burned him and he is trying to get his old job back. He has to deal with a trigger happy ex-girlfriend and old friend who used to spy on him and most importantly his mom that is worried about him. This show has a lot of explosions and also shows a lot of the characters stories in the past of how they were and how they know.
The best show that is right now is the stranger things. Everyone is talking about this show and it is causing a lot of talking point around comic con when they released the trial for their new season. This is the hottest tv show right now and people are raving about this tv show and they are not getting enough of it. People are binge watching the entire season in one day so they can catch up with this show so no can spoil it for them.

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